Friday, July 12, 2013

The Super Foods: Part 1

Lets face it, loosing weight and getting healthy can be a challenge. I want to eat everything in sight and I even caved in today at the grocery store when my husband said "let's just buy a frozen pizza so when both don't feel like cooking we have it." I stuffed that sucker in the bottom of the freezer hoping we both forget about it. There are foods that can aid with the weight loss process and your metabolism. These foods are called Super Foods

We are all shapes and sizes
For starters you want to eat the right way. We all have a different need in each type of food.

Quantity and quality
Starving yourself is the wrong mentality. Your body needs food to function like our brains needs energy function. Quantity and quality in the food you consume will make a huge difference in your overall health! For example: Switching the products that you buy

Greek Yogurt instead of regular. Greek has twice the amount of protein.
Raw honey instead of Splenda, Equal, etc.
Coconut Oil to cook with.
Almond flour instead of the processed bleached flour
Green Tea instead of those sugary juice blends
Almond milk vs. Vitamin D or 2% (dairy can make your body bloated)

Fresh, mmm
Fresh and unprocessed foods are filled with a ton of vitamins for your body.

The first super food is Avocado

I had feedback about the avocado being too high in calories but it's a perfect alterative to margarine. Use avocado on sandwiches or in a salad to get great flavor and get the benefits of mannoheptulose. This is a sugar that inhibits the release of insulin. So its a great food for diabetics and all those trying to loose weight.


  1. Love this Nat! Such a great start to the blog! So excited for you. Keep it up :) xo

    1. Hey sis!! Thank you! What can I say, you helped inspire me!:)